In my life journey, the developments emotionally, spiritually and physically have mostly come from a book that I've read. I LOVE to read. I'm usually reading more than two books at a time because my 'to read' list is so long.

I'm calling this section 'empower' because that is exactly what I encourage you to do with these suggestions; empower yourself to be the best version of you. These books have had such a tremendous impact on my life and I know you will feel the same.  I've also thrown in some of my favorite documentaries which have literally changed the course of my life.

There are also fun/interesting reads mixed in because it doesn't all have to be life altering ;) I plan to keep this page updated, so be sure to check in often.  Do you have any books that have empowered/inspired you? Tell me all about them here.

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Great Reads

Must See Documentaries

Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.
— Dale Carnegie