Back To School

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
— John Dewey

Do you remember as a kid how disappointed you would be when the ‘back to school’ commercials would start to air on television?  I remember my brother and I would change the channel not to allow the idea of school to sink in.  But, it also meant that we would be going shopping soon and that was something we definitely looked forward to. 

Despite my parents being on a tight budget, they would always find the money to provide us with some new clothes and school supplies. As a kid, I never understood nor did I think about what it took to make this possible.  Now that I'm an adult with my own set of bills and responsibilities, I understand the enormity of their sacrifice. Thanks again, Mom & Dad!

However, not everyone is as fortunate. I recently saw a report on my local news station about children needing school supplies. They emphasized that for many children "school supplies are a luxury and many go without the necessary materials to succeed in school and sometimes the difference between an A+ student and a failing student is having basic supplies to do homework and participate in class.” 

From this need, the “Pack to School Drive’ was born through a partnership with The Shops of Pembroke Gardens, and NBC 6 to benefit the Children's Home Society of Florida.  At designated locations throughout Miami-Dade/Broward, you can buy school supplies from a provided list and drop them off to be distributed before the upcoming school year. 

For this Wednesday’s Random Act of Kindness, I took a trip to my favorite store, Target and bought a bunch of supplies on sale.  It seemed like everything was under or around $1 so I was able to get more than I thought.  I dropped off my donation at in Aventura. They had a large box set up in the front for all donations.

OM the moment for your soul and pick up a few school supplies and find a ‘Pack to School Drive’ box or a similar charity near you. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends to do the same.

Wouldn’t it be great if every student had the supplies they need for this school year?  

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