Photos of Kindness

As perfume to the flower, so is kindness to speech.
— Katherine Francke

Instagram is definitely one of my favorite social media platforms. It’s probably because with the invention of smartphones, everyone is able to capture photos of things and places that have never been seen or presented in such a way before.

One of my favorites is the U.S. Department of the Interior (@usinterior) because they post the most striking photos of America’s great outdoors, including the national parks during all the seasons. Some of these photos take my breath away.  I’m forever saying, I.HAVE.TO.GO.THERE. 

For my research this week on random acts of kindness, I searched #raok on Instagram and found over 2,000 inspiring photos.  I thought it would be fun to show you the one’s that made me smile (and tear up a bit) to help spread the love. These people rock!

Leaving my parking pass with 1 hr left on it for the next person. #RAOK on! 

#moreloveletters #raok #randomactofkindness

#Baking #cookies for my #neighbor; my car batt died the morning of my exam and she saved me! #raok

Random act of kindness. Loved doing this. "Kindness inspires kindness.' " #raok

Today's lesson; giving #raok #randomactsofkindness #giving #feelsgood

Just restocked my #youarebeautiful stickers! Ready to share the love! #raok  

#spread the love #raok

8/30 paid for the car behind me at Panera Bread drive thru

I'm totally inspired by these people and look forward to using some of their ideas. It's amazing how a small gesture could mean so much to someone.

OM the moment for your soul and search Instagram for your next random act of kindness. Be sure to tag and follow me @omthemoment so I can see your photos.

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