Natural Mosquito Remedies

Summertime and the livin’ is easy...
— George Gershwin

Things I love about summer: long days, mangos and less traffic. Things I don’t like: mosquitoes.  Seriously, I can’t be outside of my house for more than one minute before I’m attacked by a ton of those pesky things. Are you experiencing the same problem?

Poor Alex was trying to get a photo of our patio last night for his Project 365 and came back in with bites all over his stomach. They swell up and get really red and can last for days.

Which is why when I came across these natural mosquito remedies by the website WonderHowTo, I just had to share them with you.  This website describes itself as the ‘wonderland for your inner nerd.’  You can find how-to remedies from creating your own underwater monsters to recovering deleted iPhone photos. Be sure to take a tour of it on those lazy days by the pool.

OM the moment for your body and try some of these natural remedies.  It’s always better to seek out holistic options before putting any unnecessary chemicals on/into your body.  I’ll be trying some of these out tonight!

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