Spare Change

Deliberately seek opportunities for kindness, sympathy and patience.
— Evelyn Underhill

One little unknown fact about myself is that I never carry cash. I charge everything on my debit card and find myself swimming in receipts but it’s my system and it works for me. Despite my never having any physical currency, I always seem to have change in my wallet, purse and/or cup holder in my car.

Just the other day, I treated myself (and my filthy car) to a wash and the friendly car wash guy left me a boatload of change that he had found on my dashboard with a little purse filled with candy.  Sidebar: This guy comes to my office to clean cars and is the nicest person. He is always leaving candy and his card as a thank you for our business.  Small gesture = big tip ;)

As I’ve mentioned before, I put some research in each week to get ideas for Random Act of Kindness Wednesday’s {read how here}. One suggestion that got my attention was leaving money at a vending machine to treat someone to a drink.  Although I have seen a few vending machines that accept debit cards (yes!)  most of them don’t and with the temperature rising in Miami, an ice-cold (free!) water is definitely an act of kindness.

Another sign that this should be my kindness act for the week is when I checked my Facebook this morning and Life Vest Inside suggested leaving money at a machine.  What are the chances?  By the way, if you haven't signed up to be a Kindness Ambassador, what are you waiting for? Get the details {here}.

life vest.png

So, I put my extra change in a sandwich bag, stapled a kindness card on top and taped it to a vending machine in a local grocery store. It doesn't take much to make someone's day.

OM the moment for your soul and use some of your spare change to treat a stranger to a vending machine treat.  Leave a little note explaining that it’s a gift for them and encourage them to pay it forward.  I’ve also seen people leave money at the kiddie vending machines or on those mechanical rides outside of stores.  Post your pics of kindness on the OM the moment Facebook account or tag #omthemoment on Instagram. I look forward to seeing your creativity shine.

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