Finding Inspiration

No one was ever great without some portion of divine inspiration.
— Marcus T. Cicero

My weekend was one of those weekends when you start off with an idea at breakfast to buy a household item and then it snowballs into a 48 hour redecorating project.  After many sleepless nights and achy backs on our beloved mattress, we decided to upgrade.  Which led to a new bed set. Which led to new nightstands. Which led to new lamps. You get the picture.  Actually, we stopped there.

In our multiple trips to Target, I came across a simple metal sign that stopped me dead in my tracks. “GROW.” Four little letters packed with so much meaning.  Although I suppose it’s intended to be used in a garden or around plants,  I took it home to hang in my bedroom hallway. Because to me, it’s a gentle reminder to push my limits.  I want to look at the sign each day and ask myself how have you grown since yesterday?  What will you do today to grow (mentally, physically, spiritually)?  How can you help others grow? 

Have you ever found inspiration in an unlikely place? OM the moment for your mind and find a piece of art, or a photo or quote that inspires you and hang it where you can see it each day.   

Wishing you a week filled with endless growth!

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