Give One, Take One

Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it’s done to him or by him.
— Frank A. Clark

The theme for my yoga class last night was creating space and filling it with whatever you feel you are lacking at the moment.  We’ve been experiencing some yucky, rainy weather in Miami and you can see the effect it has on people’s moods. Whereas on a normal, sunny day everyone would be energetically talking amongst themselves before class, during cloudy days, there is more silence and reflection.  Which is why I chose the theme because when you have those quiet days, you can listen better.

As we sat with our legs crossed, eyes closed, I told everyone to imagine a sign you would see on a bulletin board, selling furniture or household products, with the phone number on little tabs to call the person for more information.  But this time, the sign says ‘take what you need’ and on the tabs there are suggestions like love, kindness, understanding, peace, hope, patience.  I advised them to pull a tab and let that be the focus for their practice and with each breath imagine creating space in the body and mind to allow their selection to live and grow.

Yoga comes from the root word yuj, which means union.  As you consciously make a decision to feed what you need mentally as well as physically, then you are forming a union, a bond, between your mind, body and spirit. That is Yoga.


I’ve seen similar ‘take what you need’ signs before and was inspired to hang one up at  a local coffee house for Random Act of Kindness Wednesday.  I love the simplicity of the message and how it can resonate with people in a variety of ways. I tore off the patience tab to encourage others to take one, but also because it is what I would like [need] to create more space for. 

What tab would you tear off today?

OM the moment for your soul and mentally pull a tab, breathe (inhale) space into your body and allow it to be filled with something that serves you.  Eliminate (exhale) all of the other stuff that doesn't: stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, pain, frustration, etc. 

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