Project 365

I need distractions. Good distractions, not bad ones. A good distraction for me is a great play.
— Danny Aiello

In a stressful situation, distractions are good.  I would say necessary in order to keep your sanity.  For the past three weeks, Alex (my hubby) has been in Maryland cooped up in a hospital waiting room for sometimes 12+ hour days.  Him and his family saw other patient family members come and go and even witnessed the passing of someone, in which they all hugged each other in the waiting room.  Strangers united in grief. 

Throughout the entire ordeal, Alex kept his commitment to his Project 365 in which he has to take a photo every day and post on his Flickr account. He started on January 1st of this year and I'm so proud of him for sticking with it.  To read more about the project, click here.

Even though he didn’t always have time to post the photo on his Flickr page, he stood committed to taking a photo a day.  One night, he was scrambling after getting home late to take a photo before the clock struck midnight. He said his heart was pounding and he grabbed his iPhone to take a quick shot. Regardless of the fact that no one would know or blame him for skipping a day, he wanted to keep his promise to himself. This distraction gave him a reason to step outside of the situation and focus on something else.  It was a connection to a sense of normalcy in a tough, unexpected situation.

His father has been transferred to an acute care center where he will begin to rehab and slowly recuperate.  Alex is back home (yea!) and looking forward to continuing his project and post the remaining photos of his journey so far.

What are your favorite distractions?  OM the moment for your mind and allow yourself a guiltless distraction today.  Pick up that magazine that you haven’t had time to read or go to the movies instead of doing chores.  Or just sit quietly in a room and let your mind wander.

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