Detox Your Home

Toxins. Better out than in!
— Swee Boon Chai

I don’t have a green thumb.  Every indoor plant that I’ve ever owned has eventually succumbed to a dry, brown mess.  It’s pretty sad because my great grandmother is like the plant whisperer and despite her 92 years of age, she still maintains a beautiful garden.  She recently visited my house and asked for me to cut off a piece of one of my crown of thorn bushes to replant at her house.  I had no idea such a thing could be done; cutting off a piece of a plant to grow another one. {Insert her look of disappointment here}

We’ve been able to keep our outdoor plants alive (barely) but the only two plants we have indoors (bamboo trees) are hanging on for dear life. But I need to work on my Martha Stewart skills because I’ve been reading tons of articles that say the best way to detox your home from air pollutants is to have indoor house plants.

They also say you should keep the windows/doors open frequently to circulate air but because of the constant heat in Miami, I rarely do this. So, unfortunately pollutants build up in our homes from upholstery, curtains, plywood, carpets, etc. releasing harmful chemicals into the air. These contaminates contribute to allergies, asthma, headaches and sinus congestion (to name a few). 

Indoor pollutants have been listed as one of the top five threats to public health.  So it’s definitely something I’m paying attention to.  Many advise to get air purifiers but one of the most cost effective and decorative suggestion are house plants. Studies by NASA have shown that plants in the home can reduce indoor air pollutants by up to 85%. 


I was back in Maryland this weekend visiting my family and checking in with my father-in-law who unfortunately is still in the hospital.  We stay at my in-laws and they happen to have plants all over their house.  My mother-in-law loves violets so she has a ton of those but she also has other green plants on her window sills, on top of her refrigerator and other tall plants stuck in corners of the house.  She is like the indoor house plant Queen!  She has even recycled old medicine pill bottles to grow plants in.  How cute is that? 


This week, I will OM the moment for my body by getting started with a couple of plants (or maybe one, baby steps…) to start my collection. I never knew the importance of having them in the house and hopefully this will get me to pay more attention to them. I invite you to join me.  Support a local vendor and pick their brain to see what plant works best for your lifestyle. 

If you would like to know other ways on how to detox your home, read this great article “20 Ways To Detox Your Home.” Sidebar: there are a lot of suggestions in this article, please do not get overwhelmed (like I did!).  Just do the things that work best for you and your family.

Do you already have plants in your home? Which ones do you prefer?

I’ll keep you posted on my plant adventures and I hope you do the same. I will try to make my great grandmother proud! Remember: little changes make a big difference.

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