Kill Them With Kindness

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
— William Ward

Some of my earliest memories of kindness come from my Grandma.  She never felt the need to learn how to drive so whenever we would hang out together, our mode of transportation was the bus. My brother and I were not fans.  Mostly because waiting at a hot, uncovered bus stop with a bunch of people is the perfect recipe for frustration and chaos.  

My grandmother is a petite thing and at the time so were me and my brother and I remember being shoved and pushed around whenever we had to get on the bus.  By the time we made it to our seats, I would be sweaty and upset. I would complain to her saying that we should shove back or say something and her response was always the same “kill them with kindness.”  Kindness? 


My parents put the fear of God in us so we would never talk back to her but instead, sink down in our chairs and think unpleasant thoughts.  My young mind could not wrap itself around this “kill them with kindness” concept but I was frequently a witness to her unwavering dedication to treat people with respect and integrity and above all kindness. 

What she taught me then is what I believe now, that if you wish to see good things and/or good people in the world, then you must do good things and be a good person.  To this day, my grandma chooses to see the good, be the good and extract the good from people.  She is my living inspiration. 

I wrote a blog shortly after the Boston Marathon tragedy regarding the amazing stories of kindness that came from such a horrific event.  And with the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, stories are surfacing every day of people’s selfless gestures.  It’s inspiring and humbling to witness strangers uniting to lessen the burden of those in need.

Here are just a few kindness examples out of Oklahoma:

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant pledges $1 million to the
    American Red Cross disaster relief efforts
  2. Feeding America to Mobilize 200 Food Banks and 61,000 Agencies
  3. Team Rubicon Military Veterans Will Help to Rebuild Homes
  4. Salvation Army Providing Shelter and Supplies
  5. American Red Cross Helps Find Loved Ones

For this Wednesday’s Random Act of Kindness, I’m donating to the Oklahoma Food Bank by texting FOOD to 32333.  If you can, please donate to the Food Bank or the American Red Cross to help those in Oklahoma.

OM the moment for your soul this week and go out of your way to make a stranger’s day.  Instead of killing them with kindness, try to uplift or inspire them with kindness. As Scott Adam says, "there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

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