Cuckoo For Coconut Oil

If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred.
— Walt Whitman

If you ask Alex what is the one flavor I'm obsessed with he will tell you coconut.  If we're in a restaurant or grocery store and coconut is the main ingredient, it is most definitely going to be consumed by me. I'm not sure if it's my island (Puerto Rican) heritage or what but I love the texture, scent and flavor of coconut. Which is probably what led to my obsession with Coconut Oil.

Why I'm Cuckoo For Coconut Oil
Over the past few years, I've made some big changes in my diet and lately I've been paying just as much attention to what I put {on} my body as what I'm putting {into} it. I started using Coconut Oil because it is a natural and versatile product. I'm cuckoo for it because although the initial purchase may run you near $10, the bottle will last you FOREVER and it will replace a ton of products so in the long-run it is super economical and eco-friendly (less waste, no animal testing, etc).

Recently, I came across a graphic of 17 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil that inspired me and I wanted to share it with you.

My Daily Coconut Oil Obsession
A little goes a long way with Coconut Oil.  Be sure to start off with a lot less than you'll think you'll need.

{Morning routine}

  • I use just a dab to tame my frizzy, curly hair.  
  • When I'm applying my makeup and something gets smudged or needs to be cleaned up, I put some oil on a Q-tip and it comes right off.  
  • I've also made my own deodorant with it but I'm still in the experimental phase trying to find the right recipe.  As soon as I get it right, I will post it for you. 

{Night routine}

  • After showering, I use it all over my body including my face as a moisturizer. Even though I have oily skin, I've found that using Coconut Oil at night helps prevent breakouts and has softened the look and feel of my skin and has actually lessened the oiliness.
  • I apply a ton on my feet and sleep with socks on to wake up to an overnight pedicure.

Are you cuckoo for coconuts already? Do you have your own daily Coconut Oil routine?  If not, OM the moment for your body this week and pick some up and start experimenting with this natural fix-it-all. Let me know how you use it and what works best for you. 

{Heads up}: Be sure to keep your oil in a cool place because it will melt in the heat.  Although once it cools down it goes back to being solid. Also, most experts recommend using an organic, unrefined oil if you plan to use it on your skin.  

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