What's On Your List?

Take time to just move. Your body longs to feel alive.
— Anonymous

Do you have a bucket list?  You know, that list of all the things you want to do before you leave this earth.  I've always referred to mine in conversation but I've never really sat down and wrote one out. Recently on vacation, since we spent A LOT of time in the car (1,084 miles to be exact) we decided to break down our bucket list to things we want to do before the year ends. The only criteria was that the suggestions had to be reasonable and attainable so my  'learn to play the guitar again' didn't make the list.  We got ten really good ones and yesterday we got to scratch one off. Yeah!

I thought I would share my list to give you some ideas and suggestions for things to put on your list before 2013 comes to a close.  Since we live in Miami, a few of these have to do with local places but you could easily substitute somewhere you've never been in your hometown.


There's just something about writing down your intentions and placing it where you can see it, that makes you actually do it. Yesterday, we got to scratch off number 3.  When we were in Utah, Alex got the bug to learn how to Longboard.  It's like skateboarding but with a longer board. He used to skateboard as a kid, but I was a rollerskater (no rollerblades for me, I'm old school). 

Alex found a great place on Miami Beach, Fritz's Skate, Bike & Surf, that rents Longboards and gear. Our attendant was super helpful and let us try out the boards in the store to make sure we were comfortable.  Alex took to it easily but I was a little shaky. Truth be told, I'm very clumsy. I knock into walls on a regular basis, so naturally I was apprehensive.  But I'm learning to 'trust my boots' so I didn't let my fears get the best of me.

His and Hers Longboards

His and Hers Longboards

After searching for an empty parking lot (almost impossible on the beach) we gave our skills a shot.  It was so much fun!  I got the hang of kicking off and balancing myself on the board and even tried a few, minor tricks (going about .5 miles an hour).  Once you find a rhythm, it's really meditative.  It felt great having the wind blow on my face and I love the sound the wheels make over the gravel road.

Prior to us trying this out, Alex was worried that one of us would fall. Naturally I assumed it would be me, hence all of the protective gear we are wearing, but it ended up being him. Twice. He's fine but I'm super proud that I was able to keep my balance. Must be all of that yoga ;)

After two hours of being drenched in sweat (summer has arrived in Miami), we returned our boards and grabbed a bite to eat.  Next to Fritz's, there is a new restaurant called Maoz Vegetarian.  They serve nothing but falafel sandwiches and salads with all of the Greek fixin's you want.  It was delicious! We were starving so we stuffed our sandwiches to the brim with avocado, eggplant, corn, roasted veggies, etc.  Perfect way to celebrate our first bucket list success.


Now it's your turn, OM the moment for your body and make your own bucket list with fun, exciting adventures outdoors. Soak up some Vitamin D and make great memories. It doesn't have to be anything extreme (unless you want it to be). Write your list with your partner, best friend, family member, etc. to keep you motivated. I'll keep you updated on our list progress and I hope you do the same.  

P.S. I've been having a blast with the new A Beautiful Mess app.  It's how I added the fun captions to my photos.  Check it out.

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