Steal Like An Artist

Practice productive procrastination.
— Austin Kleon

I LOVE books and have them all over my house,  stacked on tables, jewelry boxes, bidets, nightstands, you name it. I love the way they feel when you turn the pages and the different styles of font and paper.  When I walk past books on display, I always stop dead in my tracks.  With the advent of Nooks, Kindles, and iPads, I’m one of those die hard book lovers that hates to see a “Going Out of Business” sign on my local bookstore.  So imagine my delight when my Pen Pal sent me a love package with three books and the sweetest hand-written note. 

Yes, I have a real life Pen Pal. Back in the day, before the internet, my cousin and I started writing letters to each other as a way to keep in touch. She lives in the mountains in New Jersey and I’m here in Sunny Miami.  She recently sent me a bunch of letters I had written to her when I was in high school/college and it was like traveling back in time. It was so incredible to read what my teenage self was thinking and worrying about. I even had a symbol that I would use to sign next to my name. Who did I think I was, Prince?

Check out the fancy signature and squiggly line symbol that represented the artist in me :)

Check out the fancy signature and squiggly line symbol that represented the artist in me :)

One of the books she sent is called “Steal Like An Artist.”  It intrigued me right away because it’s compact, has a bunch of photos and the paper is like butter!  Interspersed between the most amazing quotes and graphics, is Austin Kleon’s advice on how to get yourself thinking creatively.  I’ve never considered myself to be a creative type person.  I would always look to others like musicians, painters, and designers thinking those people were creative and if I couldn’t do those things than I wasn’t a creative type. But, I was looking at what other people’s strengths were and not looking to my own strengths. All of us are creative in our own unique ways with our own unique talents.  This book is a definite page-tuner. I devoured it and started back at Page 1 to make sure I absorbed everything.  If you are looking to get your creative juices flowing or need a little encouragement,  this is the book for you.


Since tomorrow is Freedom Friday (you know, the day where we disconnect from all social media for 24 hours to reconnect with ourselves and those we love)  I highly recommend that you pick up this book.   And I know that you could probably download it and start reading it in like 2.5 seconds, but this is a book that you will want to hold in your hands, scribble notes/doodle and bunny ear your favorite pages.  It’s the perfect book to read in one sitting when you have the free time that you won’t be spending on social media. 

OM the moment for your mind tomorrow and release it from the constant need to check/update/post/comment, etc. 

P.S.  If you don’t have a Pen Pal, I highly recommend you get one.  Buy some lined paper and cool pens and write to someone. It's like journaling but you get feedback. Super fun and retro chic ;)

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