Organize Your Social Media Life

Start your day with small steps of doing great things.
— Lolly Daskal

At a recent family get together, my awesome storyteller brother made a very interesting comment.  He said that he was watching a video on Youtube and it was almost 5 minutes long, which is “an eternity in Youtube land.”  We all laughed and I immediately found the statement achingly true.  How many times do you find yourself passing on a video or not reading an entire email because of its length? Even if it’s something you are really interested in.  The beauty of the internet is that it has created an abundance of opportunity for all of us to share knowledge and connect in ways we never dreamed. The flip side is that with all of these options, we seldom are able to narrow down all of our interests to fully commit to just a few of them.

We live in a society where more is more and the pressure of staying on top of the latest trends, fads, celebrities, etc. is spoon-fed to us 24 hours a day. There’s a commercial that I love with a guy interviewing kids and he asks them if 1 is better than 2 things. And they all shout out 2 things!  One of the kids proceeds to shake his head while tapping his stomach to show that 2 things are better than one.  I love this commercial but every time I see it, I think about how our society is pulled into this vortex of needing/wanting/craving more. But deep down we all know that less is more and this fear of missing out on something is purely self-imposed.  We’ve all had those A-HA moments when spending time with family or looking into your child’s eyes or laughing till your stomach hurts with a good friend.  That moment when you were truly present and accepting of the beauty and awe of life. 

Many of you know by now that every Friday I disconnect from all social media for a full 24 hours in order to reconnect with myself, family and friends.  This week, I wanted to take it a step further and give you 5 tips on how to organize your social media life to allow you to enjoy your other (actual) life.

  1. Participate in Freedom Friday! Or pick any day of the week where you make a real effort to not check any social media for a full 24 hours. Turn off any alerts, sounds, etc. on your phone that may throw you off and tempt you even further.

  2. Notice the things you do on your Freedom day. Catching up on some reading, finishing a small house project, going to see that movie you’ve been putting off or watching amazing videos on the beauty of life.

  3. The next day, go crazy and catch up on all of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. accounts and review what you’ve missed. You are probably going to notice that not much has happened in your absence.  Maybe someone ate a funky burrito and posted a pic or your aunt sent you a “hey what the heck happened to you?” message.

  4. Once you’ve satisfied your social media fix, step away and take 5-10 minutes to evaluate your experience.

  5. Start back at number 1. Just like with everything in life, consistency is key.  The more you practice stepping away from social media, the better you will be at narrowing down those things that you really want to spend your time on. 

Freedom Friday starts at midnight tonight.  Share this blog (see button below) on your social media pages to let your friends and family know that you will be MIA (Missing in Action) for 24 hours.  They can always call you. People still do that, right? :)

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