Life Before Social Media

Freedom lies in being bold.
— Robert Frost

Have you ever tried to sit and think about what we did with our time before social media? When I was in high school (many moons ago, give or take a few gray hairs) I didn’t have a computer in my house.  Facebook, Twitter, etc. didn’t exist.  I didn’t even own a cell phone.  When I wanted to see a friend, I would call them up.  Caller ID did exist, which I guess was a taste of what was to come. The only friends you had were the real ones you saw on a regular basis.  I guess the countless minutes/hours we spend on social media today were consumed by other things but I just can’t seem to remember what they were.

Which brings me to Freedom Fridays.  Because social media has become such a constant fixture in our lives, I challenge myself every Friday to completely go off the grid.  No social media for a full 24 hours.  I post reminders on Thursday for those that follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and encourage them to unplug.  And guess what? I’m not the only one who feels the need to step away. I’ve gotten great feedback from people telling me that disconnecting for a day makes a world of difference in their functionality and personality. 

Here is a testimonial from Freedom Friday Warrior Tammy from Austin, Texas on her experience last Friday:

"Just wanted to update you on how it was tough. First thing in the morning, while I was brushing my teeth, I clicked on Instagram. I realized what I had done and quickly cleared my phone. That was the first slip. Throughout the day, I felt the urge to "check in" with Facebook and Twitter. But I resisted. By late afternoon, I felt much lighter. I had gotten more work done with less stress! Imagine that! After dinner, I tackled a home decorating project I had been wanting to do for weeks. My sister came over to watch a movie. It was a great day! And then around 10:30pm, I caved. I posted my home project on Instagram. Sigh.

Thanks so much for the inspiration to get free from social media on Fridays. I'll definitely join you again next week! "

Will you OM the moment for your mind tomorrow and disconnect to reconnect and recharge your batteries?  Encourage your friends and family to join you.  Make it a game and see who can last longer. Be creative.  If Friday doesn’t work for you, then pick another day to be free.  Share your experience and stories in the comments below.

Freedom Friday starts at midnight. I’ll see you Saturday!

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