Random Act of Kindness Wednesday

Be kind to one another.
— Ellen DeGeneres

Today I passed out Tazo ‘OM’ teas to 20 random people.  It’s always amazing to see how folks go from annoyance to confusion to happiness. One woman told me “I’m  not used to this!”  Of course we aren’t.  That’s exactly why I do Random Acts of Kindness. I want to balance out the negative experiences with positive ones. Yin Yang. 

My eternal quest is to restore the faith in humanity.  I don’t have access to hundreds or millions of people (yet) but that’s my goal, to do acts of kindness, one person at a time, to help them believe in the goodness of others. Each day our news outlets spend more time on negative stories than they do positive ones.  Next time you watch the news,  count how many ‘feel good’ stories they feature.  It’s not for lack of good things happening, it’s because the salacious stories get more attention.  Why is that? 

My mother-in-law refuses to watch anything but Disney-like movies.  I totally get it.  She realizes that the bombardment of ‘every day’ life in the media is so sad and disconcerting, that when she wants to be entertained she seeks happy endings.  So why not try to create this mentality by helping strangers.    

Next Wednesday, I invite you to OM the moment for your soul and create your own Kindness Cards and pick a random act.  Maybe buy someone a cup of coffee, leave some quarters at a laundry mat or pay for bus fare.  Whatever you decide to do, do it with the kindness that doesn’t only exist in movies.