Honoring Your Lineage

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.
— Galileo Galilei

This past weekend, I fueled my soul by taking a 16 hour Thai Yoga training course at Ayama Yoga Studio (beautiful place/great staff). I met some incredible people and laughed a lot! We learned how to effectively connect with the body to move someone into different postures that allow them to open up and release any tension or pain they have in various joints, muscles and bones.  A lot of time when we do Yoga, we experience an emotional release, like crying or laughing and we have no idea where it comes from. 

It is said that we hold a lot of emotions in various joints, such as the hips or shoulders and when those areas are released, the emotions are released. Through breathing and proper positioning, Thai Yoga allows the ‘receiver’ to maximize their range of motion by minimizing the stresses put on the body. It’s about connecting with the person as if they become an extension of yourself.  So when you place your hands on them, you are loving and careful and your intention is pure. 


Our teacher, Mukti, was a character, keeping us entertained while teaching us the traditions and techniques used for years in Thailand.  He emphasized the entire weekend about honoring your lineage whenever you practice on someone.  He said you take a moment and think of those teachers who have brought richness and light into your heart. 

It made me reflect on all of those teachers who’ve shaped me throughout the years.  I wanted to take it a step further and think of those, outside of my yoga teachings, that have inspired me. I thought of my parents whose daily struggles to raise my brother and I showed me the lessons of persistence, unconditional love and hard work.  I thought of the teacher in high school that bought me a class ring when I had lost mine because she knew I worked hard to save up for it. She taught me kindness and selflessness. I thought of my college professor who taught me to be proud of having my own ideas and not being afraid to express them, even if others don’t agree.  The list goes on and on.

And then I thought of others and sent them emails just to say thank you and to list the many ways that they inspired me.  Many of those I wrote to may never read the email or may never respond but that’s OK. Just the thought that they may read it and be effected in any way, brings me joy.  

I encourage you to OM the moment for your soul today, tomorrow or this weekend, to reflect on those ‘teachers’ in your life that have brought insight, inspiration, encouragement, etc. and call to say thank you, write an email or just remember their memory.   

And if you would like to share your stories, I would love to hear them. Just post them in the comments below. 

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