How Do You Quiet The Crazies?

Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.
— Bill Meyer

One of the many things I’ve learned from yoga is to quiet the crazies. And by crazies I mean  those thoughts zooming across our minds every second of the day.  Just Google how many thoughts a day  a person has and you’ll find over 460 million responses!  We have so much information thrown at us along with our personal experiences and it’s no wonder why our minds are constantly racing.  AND most of our thoughts are repetitive.  We actually think the same thoughts every day.

Why is this important?  I did a Thai Yoga training this weekend (which I’ll write about soon) and the teacher, Mukti (don’t you love that name?), said that if you say the word apple, you think of an apple. If you say that you are tired.  You’ll be tired.  If you say you are stressed, you’ll be stressed.  But Mukti pointed out that you are not tired or stressed but that you are experiencing those feelings.  Basically, you are not your thoughts. When we associate ourselves with our thoughts, we become those very thoughts. 

So how do I help myself quiet the crazies? How do I OM the moment for my mind to help me check-in and refocus my attention?  I journal.

I know what you are thinking. Who the H.E. double hockey sticks has time to journal?  I do and you do too. 

For years I tried to journal and failed miserably. Last year I kept a journal for the entire year and you know how I did it?  I eliminated the stress and pressure of writing pages and pages of stuff.  And now every night, I set aside 10 minutes or less (usually less) to journal. I read from an inspirational book which has super short stories and then I write whatever comes to mind.  It could be a few paragraphs or a few sentences. It doesn’t matter what you write.  Once you get into the groove, you’ll realize that you are releasing your day on that piece of paper and your mind will be more at ease. Don’t be afraid to be honest and open. The more you release the crazies, the better you will feel.

I keep the journal and book on my nightstand as a friendly reminder. The journal doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can use a composition book.  But I do recommend getting a nice pen to write with.  I have a cute Happy Buddha pen that was given to me by my brother and sister-in-law that makes me smile each time I use it.  

Here’s your OTM (OM the moment) homework for the week.  Buy a journal, get a cool pen, find a book of inspiration and give yourself 10 minutes (or less) of 'me time' each night. If you need book recommendations or have any other questions, post your comments below.  Keep me posted!

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