who am i?

My name is Jeanette and I'm a yoga instructor, detoxification specialist (ISOD) and plant-based advocate.

I took my first yoga class in college to get an easy 'A' and boy did I get so much more. Never before had I been asked to sit still and quiet my mind (give it a try).

Since then, I sought the same feeling through various physical fitness endeavors (marathons, etc.) only to be brought back to yoga to treat injuries, illnesses, etc.

Yoga has lead me to crave a simpler, healthier lifestyle. Through my various trainings, I've learned so much that I want to share. Join me in finding the balance in connecting via your mind, body and soul.

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what is OM the moment?

OM the moment is a way of thinking, a way of life.  In yoga, we say OM at the beginning and ending of class as a way to unify our mind and body. This notion of complete presence, regardless of what's going on, is what led me to this philosophy.

How can I carry this into my daily life?  By checking in (and I don't mean to Facebook) and enjoying what's right in front of me.  No matter your situation, you can find something to be passionate about each day.

Head over to my blog to see some ideas on how you can OM the moment today.

Let's inspire each other.

why yoga?

Yoga isn't about twisting into weird positions and holding on for dear life.  It's about connecting with your breath and body and opening yourself to postures that help with reducing anxiety, creating better joint flexibility, and improving overall circulation.  And that's just to name a few benefits.  

Yoga isn't a competitive sport. When you go to your mat and make the connection, you will go at your own pace and experience your own practice.

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when you can’t change the direction of the wind - adjust your sails.
— H. Jackson Brown Jr.